Create a narrative structure with the product experience at its centre


The major FMCG brand Pringles, part of Kellog’s group, developed a new recipe for theirs crisps enhancing tremendously the flavour.

In that regards, the company reached out to isobar to help them create a marketing campaign that would engage their online community and make the news of the launch spread out across the internet.


Lead UX:
Sanjay Dhokia


We defined and designed a cross-device user experience that allows users to upload their own picture, have their face cut out and superimposed onto one of the ‘Awareness Gif’ animation sequences of their choice. All Gifs generated were then automatically posted to the site Gif Gallery.

Users were also able to share directly onto various social media platforms or download the Gif file to share themselves.

My role

As a UX designer, I work In conduction with the strategy team and wireframed the experience across Desktop and mobile devices.
Then, I annotated the design in order to provide the development team a better understanding of the platform specifications and behaviours

Rough sketches defining the user flow

The lead UX designer and I, mapped out together the user flow and quickly established the structure of each template required.

User flow and wireframes

User flow

Selection wireframes developed for the project

Visual design